Beautifully crafted, our antique jewelery will bring out the queen in every woman.

 She was no ordinary girl
She fought her fears and shined her strengths.
Her beauty created chaos
Because she was no ordinary girl
Because she always kept
Her inner light burning
And once they realized she was the queen,
There was no turning. 

We present jewelery fit for the diva in you.

 In your solitary nights of fanciful flights,
There appears a light in thine eyes of refracted delight,
The reflection of that gem in the heights – the moon,
That lovely lune must be marvelling in turn
At the luminousness that’s considering it – You 

Clusters of diamonds resembling the stars are hand-crafted into timeless designs, bringing to you the entire galaxy to be worn around your neck.

The stars were heard whispering one night
About the birth of the prettiest star in the sky.
“She will rule the nine planets”, one said
“She will shine through all times”, said the other.
“Her charm will be irresistible,
Her artistry will have no match!
She is a stunner, this star
And she will shine forever!